A) Follow the steps (I reproduced from: http://zc0302.sourceforge.net/zc0302.php?page=tools with some modification):
  1. Boot Windows and install the webcam driver
  2. Follow the section below: Detecting the sensor type with RegMon
  3. Install SnoopyPro (http://sourceforge.net/projects/usbsnoop/index.html) in the Windows partition
  4. Run SnoopyPro and click at the Help menu in order to display the "Readme.txt" file. I had to print the instructions there (or write them down) because I couldn't make SnoopyPro work while I was looking at the Readme.txt at the same time (maybe its my fault)
  5. After followed the last step at the Readme.txt (which is: "right click ...") at the SnoopyPro help, plug the webcam in and see the magic (magic words from SnoopyPro Readme.txt).
  6. Start any webcam viewer and wait untill you see the image.
  7. Stop SnoopyPro recording (click at the little square at the USBLog1 dialog inside the SnoopyPro). Done. You now have all the ingredients to help to improve the driver.
  8. Now you can follow the instructions at the http://zc0302.sourceforge.net/zc0302.php?page=tools which I'm reproducing below.
  9. mark all lines in a SnoopyPro log (Ctrl+A)
  10. expand all lines (Num+)
  11. mark all lines again (Ctrl+A)
  12. copy everything to the clipboard (Ctrl+C, may take long!)
  13. paste it in your favourite text editor and save it.
  14. Return to Linux. The tools myformat-pro* are at the http://zc0302.sourceforge.net/zc0302.php?page=tools and the other tools are included in the zc030x/tools directory you've downloaded via CVS (see: http://zc0302.sourceforge.net/zc0302.php?page=download)
  15. Run "myformat-pro.pl < [textfile] > [newtextfile]"
  16. Run "myformat-pro2c.pl < [newtextfile] > [cfile]"
  17. Run "analyse_file.py cfile > mysensor.init"
  18. Send the "mysensor.init" file to the zc0302-devs@lists.sourceforge.net list AND THE SENSOR NAME as obtained at the "Detecting the sensor type with RegMon" section below. Also put a nice subject like: "Sensor XXXXX - init sequence"
  19. Also look at the doc/AddYourCamera.txt for more information.

B) Detecting the sensor type with RegMon
  1. Install RegMon in the Windows partition from http://www.sysinternals.com/ntw2k/source/regmon.shtml
  2. Start RegMon, plug the USB WebCam and start the camera viewer (or any other application that you can see the pictures)
  3. Stop RegMon (type <ctrl-e>)
  4. Now, look for (<ctrl-f>) the "SupportSensor" string. Put the mouse at the highlited registry found and you will see the sensor type. It'll look like:

This means that sensor type is "HDCS2020"!!!!
Don't forget it. It's very important (write it down or put a stick in your camera with the sensor name ;-))